>>A web solution for managing sales, royalty payments and self-billing invoices

A web solution for managing sales, royalty payments and self-billing invoices

Happy with your current website, but in need of a solution to manage sales and pay royalties?

We can help! All Infradox XS versions are available with a low cost Private licence. With this licence, your website is accessible to users that you add in backoffice, requiring users to log in always. This approach lets us run a website with the Finance module for you – that you can use for;

  • invoicing,
  • tracking payments,
  • sending reminders,
  • importing sales data from your website and your distributors,
  • exporting financial data for your accounting and banking software,
  • paying royalties et cetera.

Functions to import contributors and asset metadata are built-in. You can upload low resolution versions of your files, but only the metadata will suffice to execute payment runs, generate self-billing invoices and everything else you need to support managing sales data and royalty payments.

If you want your contributors to be able to log in to view sales information and download their self-billing invoices, this is possible with the Contributor+ module.

We have experience with data migration / importing legacy data from other systems, and our hosting agreements are flexible. No tie-in contracts, no mandatory long term agreements.

For more information, read the following articles:

No time to learn, or no staff to operate the system? Let us take care of the entire process for you, it can’t be any easier!

If you have questions or if you’re interested in an online demo, send us an e-mail at info@xpertise-ict.com or info@infradox.com.