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Infradox is a web platform for DAM, picture/video libraries, photographers and other organisations. It is developed, hosted and managed by Xpertise ICT BV – we are a privately owned company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Xpertise-ICT was founded in 1997 with the purpose of developing and delivering online solutions for photo libraries. Our Infradox core technology was designed and developed with the help and investments of reputable companies in the picture and print industry. Xpertise-ICT BV is run by a team of flexible and dedicated software and Internet professionals with a solid technology background.

Our company’s goal is the on-going development of the Infradox platform. And helping our clients to run their business more competitively, more efficient and at lower costs. We have deployed a large number of – both standard and custom built – solutions, from which we have gained a solid understanding of the industries we serve. We have successfully developed our business by concentrating our efforts on maintaining the highest level of services, and empowering our clients to compete successfully.

We strive to serve our clients in better ways to in turn help them better serve theirs. We adopt emerging standards and technologies to better support the primary business processes of our customers – but we are not driven by technology itself. We put our customers first. We operate as a global company, serving vertical markets and offering one-stop solutions to companies worldwide.

Xpertise-ICT professional services

We will discuss and analyse your requirements to help you choose the right version
We will configure your web solution and we will set up your workflow
We can implement your design and we can support a 3rd party of your choice to take care of design implementation
We will instruct and support your users so that they can make optimal use of the Infradox XS platform
We will pro-actively monitor your solution and we will regularly install updates


We also offer web hosting, rack space, online storage solutions, WordPress development, website and software development, and consultancy.
Feel free to contact us or visit our xpertise-ict.com website for further information.

We have experience

We started development of our solutions for photo libraries and industry professionals in 1997. We’ve learned from every client and every project and we make sure that every client benefits. Get on board, we already invented the wheel for you!

We are developers

We have developed almost every single software component in-house. We just build things ourselves so that we can continuously improve our system. And so that we can address any problem instantly, without depending on any 3rd parties.

We are specialised

Chase two rabbits and you’ll catch none. We strongly believe that specialisation is an absolute requirement for a service provider. Which is why building, managing and supporting the Infradox XS platform is what we’ve dedicated ourselves to.

We are member of the British Association of Picture Libraries & Agencies (BAPLA) and Coordination of European Picture Agencies Stock, Press and Heritage (CEPIC).

BAPLA British Association of Picture Libraries & Agencies
CEPIC Coordination of European Picture Agencies Stock, Press and Heritage
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