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Infradox version and licence overview

The Infradox platform is not just another Asset Management solution, it was built from the ground up in cooperation with industry leading press and stock photo libraries. Whichever version you choose, you can rely on it being scalable, future proof and simply the best solution available – regardless your budget.
For a complete overview of functions, visit our Infradox features overview page.

You will not find a more complete solution priced this competitively. Guaranteed.


Every Infradox version is available with a commercial or non-commercial licence, and with a public or private licence.
For organisations not in the business of selling or licencing content, we offer a lower cost Non-commercial licence.
If your website is not going to be available to the public, then we offer a Private licence for a further reduced fee.

XS Enterprise

Unlimited version of Infradox XS for the largest databases

  • Unlimited files

  • Unlimited staff member accounts

  • Dedicated virtual web server

  • Highest priority support

  • First in line for change requests

  • Can use 3rd party API’s to integrate content from other picture library websites with API Connect

  • All modules included

  • With 3 TB (upgradeable in 1 TB steps) in net storage on Infradox servers, or use remote high res storage only (Amazon, Backblaze etc).

XS Agency Plus

For larger companies in the business of professional stock photo management

  • Up to 1,000,000 files

  • Up to 20 staff member accounts

  • Priority support

  • Priority for change requests

  • Can use 3rd party API’s to integrate content from other picture library websites with API Connect

  • All optional modules available

  • With 1 TB (upgradeable in 1 TB steps) net storage on Infradox servers, or use remote high res storage only (Amazon, Backblaze etc).

XS Agency

For companies in the business of professional stock photo management, representing many contributors and/or agents

  • Up to 500,000 files

  • Up to 5 staff member accounts

  • All optional modules available except API Connect

  • With 500 GB net storage on Infradox servers, or use remote high res storage only (Amazon, Backblaze etc).

XS Small Agency

  • Up to 25,000 files

  • Two administrator accounts

  • Optional modules available, except API Connect and Contributor+

  • With 250 GB net storage on Infradox servers, or use remote high res storage only (Amazon, Backblaze etc).

Infradox XP for photographers

For professional photographers who want to organise, secure, showcase and deliver their files to clients and/or agents. Back up all your files, not just the ones you want to show on your website. Infradox XP is available in two competitively priced versions; Pro and Max.

No time to manage your online business? We can take care of organising and keywording, deal with file requests and much more.

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Infradox XD Digital Asset Management

For organisations not in the business of selling or licencing content. Available in two versions: Pro and Max.

We also offer complete everything-included library management for organisations. This service can include data loading, keywording, and 1st line support.

All versions

All versions of XS are very complete and offer all the functions you may expect from a modern picture library website.
For an overview of functionalities, read Infradox Features.

  • Available with Commercial, Non-commercial, Public and Private licenses

  • Unlimited organisation and user accounts, with CRM functions and permissions configurable per account

  • Unlimited suppliers (photographers / artists / agents)

  • Unlimited galleries / categories

  • Unlimited orders / downloads

  • Unlimited lightboxes – including sharing, collaboration. client proofing and PDF’s

  • Unlimited HTML pages

  • Professional modern client facing responsive website with touch-support on mobile devices

  • Advanced search engine with both standardised and custom filters

  • E-commerce, RM price calculator, RF pricing

  • Fully SEO optimized and with automated XML site maps for search engines

  • Secure hosting on servers in Europe

  • Secure and redundant file storage with Infradox storage

  • Integration with 3rd party storage solutions, automatically retrieve high resolution files from remote storage

  • Possible to reduce costs by using Infradox storage for low res file storage only. Large files can be retrieved automatically from remote storage locations on demand.

Modules & Options

Depending on your version, you can further extend your website with optional modules – if not already included. The below modules/options are available:

  • Finance: Invoicing, reminders, payment corrections, supplier/royalty payments, agency sales imports, currencies, subscription invoices, reporting, self-billing invoices, import of payment data from banking systems.
    Included with Enterprise
    Monthly fees apply

  • Contributor+: HTTP and FTP uploads by contributors, metadata editing, profile pages, submission management, configurable permissions per account, configurable access to e.g. sales information, statistics and so on.
    Not available for Small Agency
    Monthly fees apply

  • Multi Media: Video ingestion workflow with support for all common video file types, poster files, metadata import from XML and CSV. With both automatic processing and manual processing, flight checking, 3rd party storage support and much more.
    One-off fee only

  • 3rd party API licence: Lets other websites set up live connections with your website. API licences are also required for file distribution
    Annual fees apply

  • API Connect: Lets you integrate content from 3rd party websites/databases / aggregated search
    Not available for Agency and Small Agency
    Annual fees apply

  • Additional FTP accounts: In addition to HTTP upload, FTP is included with all versions. Additional FTP accounts e.g. for upload by 3rd parties/agents is optional. Accounts can be added in back office.
  • Storage upgrades:
    In 100 GB steps, not available for Small Agency
    Monthly fees apply

  • Dedicated virtual or physical hardware:
    Monthly fees apply

Infradox Storage

Storage is key. All Infradox versions include fast, secure and redundant storage for your high resolution files with Infradox storage technology. We store every file twice in our storage network and there are no additional fees for up- or downstream file traffic. If the include storage capacity is reached, upgrading is simple and inexpensive.

But, you don’t have to use Infradox storage for your high resolution files. You may already be using a cloud storage service from e.g. Amazon or other storage solution providers. The Infradox system easily integrates with 3rd party storage solutions too. Using 3rd party storage only will reduce your Infradox fees. Even if you don’t use Infradox storage, we will still store two copies of your low resolution files for web use. High resolution files can be automatically retrieved on demand, i.e. if a client wants to download a file.

Furthermore, using a combination of both Infradox storage and 3rd party storage is possible too.

Professional services

We offer the following services

  • Web design, styling and programming

  • Migration, data conversion, data imports

  • File and data exports to external media including p&p

  • Development of new 3rd party API interfaces

  • Interfacing with 3rd party systems, e.g. accounting systems

  • Integration of XS websites with WordPress

Infradox Library Management Solutions

We offer complete library management solutions for organisations that have photo- or video archives, but not the staff or expertise to manage and/or monetize their assets. Please contact us for further information and pricing.


Information for prospects

Infradox is a managed service. We charge monthly, quarterly or per annum fees. The fees depend on the version that best suits your needs, any optional modules that you may want, and on your master file (high res) storage requirements. Depending of your version, we may charge one-off costs for installing and configuring your solution for use as per your specifications.

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