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The Infradox platform offers extensive features for file ingestion, workflow automation, metadata editing and enriching. Infradox websites offer advanced staff member and client functionalities, as well as many configuration and styling options.

Infradox is developed in cooperation with our clients. Requests we have received over the years have been incorporated in our solutions, and are now readily available for any Infradox platform user. We regularly release new versions with new functions and improvements – free of charge. All clients benefit from our adaptable future-proof road map.

Infradox is available in various versions, there’s always a version that suits your needs and budget. For a version overview, read Infradox Versions.

Our platform is flexible and its full capabilities are extensive. This page only highlights some of the functions offered. We would like to encourage you to schedule a demo with us. And to browse our knowledge base articles.

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Configuring Stripe for online payments

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Introduction Infradox websites on version 32.19 or later can now use Stripe for online payments. For detailed information about Stripe, visit www.stripe.com. With a Stripe account you can accept payments using almost any current payment

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