>>Infradox XS Version 31.2

Infradox XS Version 31.2

Version 31.2 has several new functions and fixes. We are currently beta testing.

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  • All constants, messages, form labels, mail templates et cetera are now also available in German.

Ordering files / licences and Price agreements

  • You can now enable a button that lets users buy a RM licence for RF files.
  • You can now configure price agreements (client facing and/or for staff member info only).
  • Price agreements can be used for subscriptions allowing for e.g. a limited number of downloads in a month. batc
  • You can now enable asynchronous download ZIP files for user orders (see below for further information).

Downloading lightbox comping images as a ZIP file

  • We added a function that lets users download all the preview images in a lightbox as a ZIP file in version 31.1. In version 31.2 you can configure this function to download comping images. Whether or not the comping images have watermarks depends on the user’s permissions.

Asynchronous download jobs

  • Administrators can now post download jobs for lightboxes, galleries, their batch, and any order (also orders created by users). A download job is processed on the server and a notification – including one or more download links – is sent by e-mail and “in app”. Such jobs can contain a maximum 0f 300 files each. The ZIP files can be created on the web server, and it is also possible to have the ZIP files copied to an AWS/S3 account for further distribution.
  • Users can now request download links for the files in their order. The process works as described above. The user can download the ZIP file(s) with a link sent by e-mail. Or from the order page where a link will also appear as soon as the files have been processed.
  • Administrators can view the status of all jobs and jobs can also be cancelled.
  • ZIP files are automatically removed from the web server after 48 hours, finished jobs are removed from the database after two weeks.

Page layout / Thumbnail pages

  • We have added two improved “Flow” layouts for thumbnail pages that use CSS only.
  • The bottom bar (displayed when both the lightbox and cart panels are minimised) can now be configured to display also when a user is not logged in.
  • The status of the sidebars (i.e. open/closed) is now stored in the user’s cookies so that the correct status is restored when the user visits the site again.
  • You can now display buttons or links for page layout options in your pagination bars. Alternatively, you can make the page layout options available in a drop down menu by use of a HTML select element. For more information, please read Custom pagination bars for thumbnail pages.

PDF’s for galleries and lightboxes

  • In version 31.2 you can enable the new PDF function that lets users download a PDF of the files in a gallery (e.g. portfolio, story, event and so on) and/or files in a lightbox. You can configure the PDF layout in back office (Site configuration > Image PDF’s).
  • You can enable this function for lightboxes via Site configuration > Lightboxes. Available options are “Disabled”, “Enabled for logged in users” and “Available for admins only”.
  • You can enable this function for galleries via Site configuration > Gallery pages > Buttons. Available options are “Disabled”, “For logged in users”, “For everyone”. You can furthermore configure whether you want this function enabled for all galleries or for galleries within selected top levels only.

Order, Cart, Order history and Invoice overview page

  • The order history overview page now shows the thumbnails of the files that are ordered.
  • The order history page indicates the number of files that were bought using a price agreement, and the number of RM and RF files in the order.
  • You can now enable a dropdown box that groups orders and invoices per month to make it easier for users to find older orders/invoices.


  • You can now edit notes for each file in a lightbox (enable this setting in Site configuration).
  • You can now let users select favorites in a lightbox, the user can choose to “show all” or “favorites only”. And as a lightbox owner, you can view the user’s favorites.
  • Staff members (admins) can now immediately create an account when inviting someone to work on a lightbox who doesn’t have an account yet. The recipient of the e-mail is taken to a page where a password must be created – after which the lightbox will appear. This function can e.g. be used for “client proofing”.
  • Admins can post download jobs for all files in a lightbox.

HTTP Uploader

  • The HTTP uploader now shows the full file names on mouse-over.

Password protected galleries

  • In version 31 we added the option “Enable access control on galleries”. This option can be disabled to allow for more efficient caching if you don’t use access control. This however also disabled Password protection on galleries. In version 31.2 you can again use Password protected galleries, even if access control on galleries is disabled.

Code editor

  • We added the ‘listfiles’ widget that lets you output files in a folder that you specify. You can use this to e.g. generate output for a custom made CSS only slide show.
  • You can now click the “View code” button to view a code example in the code editor without loading it into the editor. You can also copy that code to the clipboard so that you can paste it at a specific position in the file that you are editing. E.g. to copy the CSS required for a specific function – such as price agreements – only.


  • You can now enable “FontAwesome”.
  • You can now enable tool tips on thumbnail buttons (or any other button).
  • You can now select the setting “No button images” in Website style. This will exclude all graphics from the CSS so that you can have full control over this. This new setting works together with the new FontAwesome setting – we have added a CSS example to the code editor.
  • To reduce the number of browser server requests (and as such to improve page loading speeds), XS version 31.2 compiles a single file for the CSS required for the selected website  style, the configured buttons, you custom CSS and the mobile CSS.
  • You can now use variables in your CSS (e.g. $mybackgroundcolor=#eeffdd)

Updated version of Thumbnail pages script

  • If you are using a custom version (template in the code editor) of the Thumbnail pages script, then you’ll need to make changes to it. The new version is available in the code examples folder. If you need help making the required changes to your script file, then create a support ticket on xpertise.zendesk.com.

Other changes

  • We have removed the “prev/next” hrefs from the HTML head, because it caused Firefox to preload pages – which in turn caused session state problems.
  • We no longer offer Infradox Satellite. Support for this version has been removed from the software. We’ll be announcing a new version for photographers shortly.

Bug fixes

  • The batch editing dialog now empties and disables fields if you tick the “empty field” checkbox to make this function more clear.
  • The “Order print” form failed to post if the address details were disabled in backoffice.
  • Search filters defined in Gallery manager weren’t applied to search queries.
  • “Add all files to cart” when used on the full screen lightbox page caused intermittent errors.
  • If “Payment reports” was disabled for Contributor statistics, then “Sales info” was disabled as well.
  • If a contributor’s upload permissions were disabled, that contributor had no access to the contributor toolbar anymore.
  • “Stop words” weren’t applied to searches (in combination with certain settings).
  • Fixed a bug in the Quotation form if the form was configured to use the Price calculator.
  • Fixed a problem that sometimes took you back to the wrong thumbnail page after using the thumbnail scroller on standard preview pages.


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