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Change requests

This page lists an overview of pending and implemented change requests.

Create a support ticket if you have a request you’d like to add.

Page last updated on 28 September 2022.


  • A back office setting to hide downloads by administrators from contributor statistics
  • A SQL search function for specific fields only in the batch dialog
  • Make it possible to enable the price calculator on admin accounts that have “Direct download” enabled
  • A setting to configure the file names of zip files downloaded from the order pages

Implemented in version 32.19

  • Creating invoice details not linked to a file but linked to a supplier/contributor for royalty payments
  • Function to attach suppliers to unmatched invoice details imported from agent/distributor sales records
  • Functions to operate and automatically sync independent sub websites from a single main website (without using API’s)
  • Possibility to manually apply currency conversion rates instead of daily automatic updates
  • Support for online payments with stripe
  • A “dark” skin for backoffice
  • Being able to manually change the date of an invoice (including final invoices)
  • Being able to download a PDF invoice of a “Draft” invoice
  • Apply payment corrections using a percentage
  • Display the total amount of all invoices on the “Use information” tab of the File properties dialog
  • A back office function/button to completely erase all sitemap.xml files for a complete rebuild
  • A File manager function to convert jpeg files to WebP files
  • Responsive images slide shows with WebP support, lazy loading and aspect/ratio images
  • Make it possible to review imported sales report data before converting the data to invoice details
  • Update the status of files that were “accepted hidden” to “accepted” when the file becomes searchable (not hidden)
  • Add a function to add accepted files to a staff member’s batch e.g. for keywording

Implemented in version 32.17

  • Macros to inject rights and restrictions into the IPTC/XMP.
  • Customisation of the administrator’s dashboard and toolbar.
  • Single file downloads without creating an order.
  • Allow spaces in custom search filter values that do not use unique codes.
  • Add “Accept hidden” to the submissions page toolbar.
  • Implement a back office function to add, control and monitor FTP accounts.
  • Add files to pricing groups to override the pricing parameters.

Implemented in version 32.16

  • Implement a back office function for the video ingestion workflow
  • Use ctrl/cmd click to select multiple galleries and/or thumbnails in the batch and gallery dialogs.


Older implemented requests have been removed from the list.

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