We have moved our offices!

Our new address is:

Xpertise-ICT BV
INIT Building
Oostenburgermiddenstraat 214
1018 LL Amsterdam

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We are moving our data center to Interxion

We are currently in the process of moving our data center to Interxion – one of the largest and most reliable data center providers in the world. Interxion helps us guarantee optimal availability, speed and secure hosting of your critical business solutions. And to offer the new services that we are currently developing and testing. Click the logo below to find out more about Interxion.

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Photo contest module in XS version 26

We have developed a new module that can be used to turn Infradox XS websites into photo contest websites. This module was developed in collaboration with De Zilveren Camera.

If you are interested in hosting a photo contest website, feel free to send us an e-mail. We charge a one-off fee for the system and a per annum fee for managed hosting, updates, bandwidth, server use and support. You can create an unlimited number of contests and contest categories for both series and single entries. You can assign jurymen/jurywomen to your categories and each contest can have have or more chairmen/chairwomen. The contest module can be configured with several parameters. You can review submissions before allowing uploaded files to enter the contest if you wish.

Want to participate in the Zilveren Camera Contest 2014? www.zilverencamerawedstrijd.com.

Further info:
Information about configuring a contest
Help for jurymen/jurywomen

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Infradox XS version 23

We have just released XS version 23, with several new functions and improvements.

High lights:

Infradox XS Satellite. Photo libraries can now offer their photographers a low cost website of their own. Satellite websites plug into the parent library website for content (photos et cetera) but a dedicated database is used for users, galleries, lightboxes and so on. Satellite websites offer all the functions that other XS sites offer with the exception of an order/file delivery system. If a visitor wants to buy a file, he or she is taken to the parent website.

Submission queue We now offer a built-in submission system that you can use to review and discuss files that your suppliers upload, before actually letting those files enter the database and client facing website.

Supplier editing The supplier editing module has been updated with a batch editing function.

User messages You can now post messages to your users with a number of options.

Granular administrator permissions When logged in with the super administrator account, you can now grant specific permissions on each administrator account. XS websites can have one super administrator account and the number of additional admins is determined by the version that you have (Satellite, XSP, Photographer, Agency or Enterprise).

Version 23 offers many more changes. You can find the release notes here on xpertise.zendesk.com.

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Infradox XS version 22

We have finished XS version 22.
You can find detailed information here: Infradox XS version 22

High lights:

  • IP black listing
  • Improved handling of requests from bad bots and crawlers
  • More granular download permissions on user accounts
  • Improved log views
  • New “Events” page, for automatically generated events, e.g. sports, red carpet etc
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Infradox XS version 19

The next iteration of the Infradox XS platform (version 19) has been released. This version now has support for video files, a new and advanced search filtering mechanism and access control for your galleries. We have furthermore improved the dynamic subdomain function. You can find more info here: https://xpertise.zendesk.com/entries/26117378-Infradox-XS-version-19-.

Have a look at this article on our support website if you want to find out more about search filtering and gallery access control.

To learn more about dynamic subdomains, read this article about subdomains on zendesk.

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UK based Flowerphotos have just released their new website which runs on the new Infradox XS platform (Agency version). You can have a look here: http://www.flowerphotos.com.

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Infradox XS version 18

Infradox XS version 18 is currently being beta tested and expected to be released in a few days.

An itemized list of changes and new functions can be found here:

We have added a lot of new and interesting functions, please follow the above link to find out all about it.

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Infradox XS version 17

We have released XS version 17 today. You can find a detailed description here: https://xpertise.zendesk.com/entries/23217793-Infradox-XS-version-17-release-date-28-March-2013-.

Version 17 offers

  • an improved file restriction system,
  • a new function for file reservations,
  • new functions for file usage confirmations,
  • a brand new “live” notification system,
  • PDF sales reports for individual suppliers (photographers),
  • a “quick view” function for orders,
  • downloadable data of single orders as txt and/or xml,
  • file use information showing where and how a file is used,
  • …and a lot more!

Screenshot notifications
Screen shot showing notifications

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Who pays photographers?

An interesting link for anyone in the industry…

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