>>Data protection and file storage

Data protection and file storage


This article describes how your data is protected on the Infradox XS platform.

Data center

Infradox websites and your files are hosted in a professional Interxion data center in Amsterdam. There is 24/7 security personnel on-site. The data center can be accessed by authorized staff only, requiring a keycard and fingerprint scan. Xpertise-ICT have their own server room in the data center. The data center offers redundant online power, and backup power provided by a Diesel generator. The data center furthermore offers fire protection, cooling and all other measures you may expect from a professional grade hosting facility. We have dedicated glass fibre optics connections to the Internet. Our offices and data center are in different locations in Amsterdam.


Data separation

Master files (i.e. your high res files) are not stored on web servers, but on separate RAID6 storage servers in our Storage Area Network (SAN). RAID6 means that 2 drives in a raid array can fail without data loss. All RAID6 servers are equipped with an on-line hot spare disk that starts rebuilding immediately on drive failure without the need for manual intervention

Every master file is stored on two separate RAID6 servers for double redundancy – and our Storage Broker database server keeps track of where every file is stored. The Storage Broker database server itself is also redundant – i.e. each location is stored in two separate databases on separate Storage Broker servers.

Metadata and client data is stored on separate database servers. Database backups are copied to a second database server daily and database backups are copied to external media which we take out of the data center to another location weekly.

When a user has access to a master file, it is retrieved from the storage network and a copy is stored in a temporary location that is accessible to the specific user only. This copy is automatically deleted minutes after it has been downloaded. Master files are not stored in a location that is directly accessible via the public network.

Network access protection

Access to the data center network is protected with industry standard clustered firewalls. We can block and/allow access on the network level. XS furthermore automatically blocks suspect traffic and allows you to block IP addresses manually.

Data protection

User passwords and sensitive data is encrypted. Sysadmin and admin passwords are furthermore protected with a pin code and double log in procedures. Access is constantly and pro-actively monitored by Infradox software, and security notifications are automatically sent for events that require attention. Access is automatically blocked after too many failed log in attempts and whenever suspicious data is sent (hacking attempts). We maintain central black lists of known offenders – denying access from specific IP ranges – and you can furthermore maintain a local (for your website only) black list as well. We also offer SSL.

Website access

Access to your website and data can for instance be limited to specific IP ranges or to registered users only. Granular permissions can be set on the user account level, certain data can be made visible to specific users only and so on. There are many configuration options that allow you to specify who can use your website, what they can see and what they can do. Infradox websites are very flexible and offer a myriad of settings and configuration options. Which is why Infradox XS is used by both renowned photo libraries, businesses and inter-governmental organizations such as the United Nations.

Hosting hardware

Our hosting fees are for the use of the Infradox XS platform, which includes any and all required hardware, such as web servers, database servers, storage servers, FTP servers, file processing servers and so on. We do however also offer dedicated server solutions if so required.

Further information

For further information, questions or remarks – feel free to contact us directly.

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