Infradox partner API

The Infradox partner API is a web based server application that enables your partners to set up live connections with your Infradox database. Its architecture is based on open industry standards, it offers exceptional performance, it produces XML output and it is very simple to use.

The Infradox partner API offers a number of functions among which full text search at blazing speeds, access to standardized meta data, access to web versions of your files and high res downloads. Accessing the API requires unique access keys. Such keys are configured on your server and linked to user accounts in your database. This allows you to specify specific permissions and you can limit access to certain files that are available in certain territories only. You can further more set up a filtering system to exclude certain suppliers and so on.

The use of the Infradox partner API offers you huge benefits without losing control over your digital assets. You won’t have to send files anywhere to make them available on other web sites. High res downloads that take place through the API are logged and automatically appear in your order management overviews. The system maintains an extensive log that gives you a very detailed insight in how your partners are using the API – including search information, access to comping images, high res downloads and so on.

The current version of the Infradox partner API is version 12. We have detailed documentation available for your partners, including a quick start guide with examples and recommendations. There are currently several technology providers that have adapted their systems to work with the Infradox partner API, among them PictureMaxx and StockMediaServer.

If you – as an Infradox client – want to make the Infradox partner API available to other parties, then please contact us for further information and pricing.

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Infradox AS

The Infradox partner API is also used by our latest development Infradox AS which makes it possible to develop web sites that can combine live search results from other API’s with search results from your own database.