This article describes how to create payment runs.

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General information

Invoice details that are marked as “payable to the supplier” are candidates for any payment run.
Whether or not a specific invoice detail will be part of a payment run depends further more on the following:

  • the total payable amount for the supplier is not less than the “Lower limit” supplier setting
  • the supplier’s last payment was longer than x months ago (supplier’s payment periodicity setting)
  • the supplier has not been paid yet, and invoice details are marked payable longer than x months ago

Configuring the sales report

A payment run will generate a PDF sales report for each supplier/contributor. You will need to configure this report first.
Go to Site configuration, Sales report settings to change the labels that will be printed, to select which fields you want to print and so on.

Both the address details and the report footer are printed by use of macros (the header text field cannot have macros). For example:

Click on the “show” button next to “valid codes” for an overview of all the macro codes that you can use. If a code exists on its own line and it has no value, then the entire line will be skipped. E.g. considering the above example, if the field “department” is empty then the line for “street1” will automatically move up one line.
The {ifabroad:[country]} condition is used to print the country only if the country is not the same as your country (as defined for your website).

Scheduling a payment run

To schedule a new payment run, go to Site configuration, Job server and add a new job. In the drop down box, select “Supplier payment job”.
You can limit the payment run to a specific supplier group. By leaving the supplier group field empty, the run will include all supplier groups.
To send generated PDF’s to the suppliers, tick the box “Send PDF’s to suppliers”. If you want to receive all the PDF’s in your own mailbox instead, then untick this box and make sure to enter your e-mail address at the bottom of the dialog.
If you want the job to run as soon as possible then make sure to select the correct day and set the time to “after 00:00”.
Invoice details will be automatically marked as “paid to the supplier”.

Viewing payment run details

Once a payment run job has completed. You can view the payment run details via “Supplier payment runs” in the main menu. The page will list all the completed payment runs.

You can download a csv (excel) file with payment information with the link in the right most column of each payment run. The csv file has the amounts, tax and banking details. The custom columns that you can use in the supplier records and in the user records are listed as o1 through o10 and u1 through u10 respectively (i.e. o1 is supplier custom1, u1 is user custom1).

To view the details click on the plus icon to expand the view to show all the suppliers/contributors. To then view the details for a contributor/supplier, click on the plus icon in the supplier row.

You will also have access to the generated PDF’s for each of the suppliers (generated by the payment run job). To generate a PDF again, click on the “generate PDF” link.

Running a job again

If you want to run a job again, then open its properties (Site configuration, Job server) and click on the “execution info” tab. Check the tickbox “Reset last execution (use this to run this job again)” and save the properties (also make sure to check the run day and time settings).