The Infradox XS platform

The Infradox XS platform is the most complete and most competitive online solution for picture libraries and other industry professionals. Simple enough to get you up and running quickly, powerful enough to adapt to the most demanding requirements. XS offers professional, modern looking client facing websites, as well as the most extensive back office solution. Fully integrated, and constantly updated with new improvements.

Managed solutions

Infradox XS is a one-stop managed hosting solution for photo and video libraries, both commercial and otherwise. Infradox XS offers one point of contact for almost everything related to your website. Your solution is mission critical, which is why we have partnered with Interxion who operate over 40 state of the art facilities across Europe.

Your success is our priority!

Without the support of a dedicated and specialised team, you’re only halfway there. We have developed our business by helping our clients build theirs. From day one, we have been concentrating our efforts on maintaining the highest level of services. Change is the one thing we know is constant, XS was developed to evolve and adapt as requirements change.

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Why choose Infradox

The Infradox XS platform is not only for commercial picture libraries. It is just as well suited for organisations not in the business of selling/licencing content. For example Government, Culture, Publishing, Newspapers, NGO/NPO’s and so on.

Standardised and entirely web based, built for – and with – picture libraries and photographers, suitable for DAM, supports video files, many functions for clients and staff members, regular free updates, state-of-the-art technology, open API architecture, lightning fast caching, years of experience, very well documented, workflow and ingestion automation, completely customisable, professional hosting, built on industry standards to evolve and scale, open, secure, fast, solid – and competitively priced.

Recent knowledge base articles

Responsive design

Introduction Infradox XS websites are responsive. I.e. your website will display properly on different screen sizes, and the layout will automatically adjust itself if a browser window is resized. However, making your website look good on different (mobile) devices does

Working with the controlled vocabulary

The Controlled vocabulary lets you create word lists with preferred terms / keywords. Terms are hierarchically organised like a tree, with broader and narrower terms. Your lists can be used in different ways while keywording

Displaying similar images on preview pages

You can configure your website to display similar images on preview pages (or modal previews). This function is based on keyword commonality, i.e. images that have a certain percentage of the same keywords are considered to be similar. The more

Infradox XS version 30

payment runs for royalties
improved HTTP uploader
registration of contact moments and tasks
improved dashboard and quick find function for user accounts
and much more…

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News & Version updates

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