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Infradox™ XS is our turn key solution for companies, organizations and professional photographers that manage high volume photo or video archives. The Infradox solution is an everything included service, rather than just software. Our solutions are modular and always customized to meet specific requirements and to offer a unique look and feel.

The Infradox solution is used to securely and easily manage and deliver content to end users 24 hours a day. Amongst our clients are a large number of renowned press photo and stock photo libraries, as well as photographers, museums and non-profit organizations.

Some of our clients: arabianEye, Panos, Proshots, Hollandse Hoogte, UNFPA, UNFAO, NaturePL, Minden pictures, AWL images, Blue/Green, Beeldunie, FNV, Hollandinbeeld, Ardea, Lebrecht, Axiom photographic, Illudirect, Arcangel images, Taverne agency, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Stop Aids Now, FLPA, NHPA, Topshots, Marianne Majerus, Photostage, The British Empire and Commonwealth Museum, MAP, Other Images Press, Sunshine photo agency, Trevillion images, DRK Photo, Mother & Baby picture library, Food & Drink photos, The Commonwealth Secretariat, Bruno Press and many others.

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Although the Infradox technology was developed for managing huge databases with millions of photos, our approach makes the Infradox solution suitable for a large and diverse client base. Large or small archives, commercial or non-commercial – we are always striving to serve our clients in better ways to in turn help them better serve theirs.

Managed Hosting

Infradox solutions are central to our clients every day business operations. Our solutions are used by thousands of picture buyers, researchers and content providers. Such mission critical web applications require a specialized hosting center and the support of an experienced and dedicated team of professionals.

We have been successfully managing the technical aspects of operating complex solutions for demanding clients since the start of our company. There’s a lot more to hosting than serving up web pages but we make it our business to not have our clients worry about what’s involved. We just take care of it.

Our data center is located in Amsterdam at Interxion. They operate a leading data center designed around customer needs – with outstanding connectivity, Pan-European coverage and constant innovation to reduce their carbon footprint.

Unlike our competitors offerings, our solutions include hosting by the same company that builds and manages your solution. We want to take full responsibility, which we feel is only possible by offering our clients a single point of contact for all aspects of running their mission critical web applications.

Our managed hosting services include our Infradox server software, Infradox API’s, bandwidth, redundant and distributed storage, backups, specialized hardware solutions, software updates, facilitating online work flows, processing and distribution of files, Infradox back office and of course both technical and functional support. All our software is developed in-house and our software engineers are available to take your call.

Development of our core technology has been a process of well over 10 years – and it is of course ongoing to keep with today’s demands such as support for multi media, syndication, live and semi-live connections with third party API’s, integration with social media and Search Engine Optimization. The system also offers possibilities for setting up live connections between your in-house software and the online database. Our mission is to continuously improve our solutions and services towards new levels of professional achievement.

What do you get

    • Either a bespoke or a standardized – but fully customizable – state of the art website with all the client facing functions that one might expect from a high end solution
    • Support from a dedicated team of professionals that know your industry
    • Fully automated work flows – including automatic file and data processing and enriching
    • Both FTP and HTTP uploads
    • Advanced full text searching with “live” keyword suggestions
    • Batch editing of meta data
    • Controlled vocabularies
    • User management with configurable permissions for each user
    • Price calculator for RM photography
    • Support for RF collections with fixed prices and file sizes
    • Order management with delivery of high resolution files, including zip downloads
    • Automatically send files to client FTP servers from orders (optional)
    • Both territorial and auto expiring restrictions
    • Support for multi media
    • Online payments
    • Invoicing
    • Multiple currencies
    • Reminders
    • Collection reports
    • Detailed logging system
    • Automated data exports for third party systems (e.g. accounting software)
    • Syndication
    • Live connections with 3rd parties using our Partner API, both in- and outbound
    • A backoffice API that allows you to retrieve any live data as XML over HTTP
    • Support for user interface localization
    • Support for running multiple websites on a single database

And a lot more… Please don’t hesitate to contact us for details.

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