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Organise and showcase your work, deliver files to clients, distribute files to agents, sell both rights managed and royalty free licences, manage your business processes, get support…

  • Private database for your files, user accounts, orders, invoices and logs

  • No data sharing whatsoever, 100% dedicated solution

  • No commission on sales or any other hidden costs

  • Managed hosting in the EU

  • Secure storage of all your files, not just the ones you want visible on your website

  • Link with cloud storage for extra backups and security

  • Professional functions that photo libraries have been relying on for years

  • Several ready made themes available but completely customisable

  • Quickly up and running

  • For files from a single photographer/artist

Infradox XP is a complete solution and it comes with almost all the functionality that the XS platform has to offer. Including support for video files, uploading with built-in uploader and FTP, user management, order management, invoicing, automatic file distribution and all the others features listed.

Infradox XP is a professional and dedicated solution. It runs on your own database and dedicated website. XP is installed for you and configured based on your specifications. Once online, you can completely configure and customise your website.

Are you a contributor to one of our agency clients? Infradox XP is the perfect solution for you. Automatically submit all or selected files that you upload to your own website to all or selected agency websites.

  • Regular free of charge updates

  • Free support via xpertise.zendesk.com

  • Daily backups

  • Use your own domain name and e-mail account

Frequently asked questions

As opposed to other online solutions, your data is not stored in a central database. You have your own private database that stores only your information. For example, your website has its own user accounts so that you are in full control of what users can and can’t do on your website. It is not possible to log in with an account that was created on another Infradox XP website.

The so called “back office” part of your website is available in English. This is the part of the website that is accessible by you only and it’s where you configure your website, manage user accounts, handle orders and so on. The front-end – or client facing pages – of your website can be made available in English, Dutch and French. And we are currently working on support for Spanish and German.

All your files are stored on RAID6 servers and as such failing disks will not cause data loss. And even if a complete server would become unavailable, then your files are still accessible on a second RAID6 server. Because all your files are stored on two separate storage machines in our data center. This is called “redundant storage”. It is furthermore possible to make a connection with e.g. S3 so that every file is automatically copied to a remote location that you’ve subscribed to. For example with Amazon S3 or other cloud storage providers.

  • Need more than 1 TB storage? That’s possible with XP Pro, we offer tailor made solutions for large archives.
  • Looking for affordable online storage but not in need of a website? That’s also possible, we offer “simple storage” solutions starting at 1 TB and upgrade-able in 1 TB steps.

Contact us for more information.

Managed hosting means that you rent server space, storage and bandwidth as part of your hosting agreement with us. Included is technical management of the hardware, the network and the software. As well as support for your website via our Zendesk support system. Our data center is located in The Netherlands (Interxion) which means that European/Dutch laws are applicable. Your data and files are yours and yours alone. Third parties will not get access to your data.

Infradox XP is a solution for professional photographers. You can only upload your own files (or in any case files from a single photographer/artist). If you want to represent others or if you work as a collective with other photographers, then you are running an agency. Ask for a quotation for one of our XS versions intended for photo libraries.

Infradox XP Pro offers the following functions, that are not available in XP Basic and XP Standard:

  • FTP uploading
  • Support for video files
  • Invoicing
  • Optional API connections
  • API data server
  • Galleries and Lightboxes downloadable as PDF
  • Support for subdomains
  • Upgradable storage (i.e. more than 1 TB high res storage)
  • Metadata syndication
  • Automatic creation of galleries (you can create galleries manually)
  • Automatic adding of synonyms and/or related keywords
  • Automatic translation of keywords by use of the controlled vocabulary


  • 100 GB redundant storage
  • Up to 100,000 files
  • One administrator account
  • Built-in HTTP uploader


  • 1 TB redundant storage
  • Unlimited files
  • Two administrator accounts
  • HTTP and FTP uploads
  • Invoicing module
  • Supports video files
  • API connections possible
  • Upgrade-able storage


  • 10 GB redundant storage
  • Up to 10,000 files
  • One administrator account
  • Built-in HTTP uploader

Prices do not include VAT/tax

Overview of Infradox functions and possibilities

Feel free to submit this form or send an e-mail to info@infradox.com. We’ll be in touch – no obligation to buy!

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