>>Infradox XS version 31.4

Infradox XS version 31.4

Version 31.4 is a minor update that addresses a few problems, and that introduces a few new SEO settings, order/cart page settings, and forms settings.
We are currently beta testing 31.4.

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Changes in this version


  • You can now customise SEO titles for your pages. For instructions, please read SEO configuration.
  • The HTML title tag has moved up in the head of your HTML pages.
  • The deprecated properties “Publisher” and “Author” have been removed.
  • You can now configure the position and separator for the page title’s fixed and variable parts.

Price calculator / Cart page

  • The setting “Make the price calculator optional” (Site configuration > Cart page > Cart page settings) lets users complete an order without having to price any RM files in the cart. This option affects only users with the “Price Calculator” setting enabled on their account. A checkbox appears at the top of the cart page. Clicking it reloads the page (after confirmation) with the price calculator disabled so that the Cart page appears as the “normal” cart page with input fields for each order detail. Provided that you have configured input fields for the cart.
  • The setting “Make paying online optional” (Site configuration > Cart page > Cart page settings) lets users place an order without the “Pay online” function. This only affects users with the “Must pay online to enable download permissions” setting on their account. An additional button appears at the bottom of the cart for this purpose. If an order is placed with this option, the user will have to wait for a staff member to grant permissions on the order.The instruction text for both above options can be changed in the file “constants-cartinstructions.txt”.
    The label of the button “Place order without paying online” can be changed in the file “constants-orders.txt”.
  • You can now copy the details and price from a file that you have priced with the calculator to all the files in your cart. Note that it was already to copy the details to all files in a cart, but not for files priced with the calculator. The “copy” link only appears after a file is priced and only if the cart has more than one file.

Order history page

  • The “My download orders/Order history” page uses HTML spans and/or divs for almost every data detail on the page – to make it easier to style this page with CSS.
  • If an order has download permissions enabled, but not for all the files in the order – a different status color is now used to indicate this. You can change the color used with CSS if so required.

Order management

  • The admin order page (back office) now has a cancel function for orders that are waiting for an online payment to be completed. The link appears at the top of the admin order page.


  • You can now choose to hide all form labels and to use place holders instead. Alternatively you can use both place holders and visible labels for your form fields. This setting can be found here: Site configuration > Website forms > Form settings.


  • Version 31.4 has several technical changes to improve web site speed, to reduce memory use and for ease of maintenance.

Bug fixes

  • When you tried to download a RF file that was added to an order with the “Buy with Rights Managed licence” function, an error occurred. This is fixed.
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